La Suegra

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Date Added: 1st June 2015

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Date Removed: 1st August 2017

Available for: 26 months



   06/01/2015: (2014)

   06/05/2015: Removed from Netflix

   08/01/2015: 1 Season (2014)

   08/01/2017: Removed from Netflix


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When she loses her job as a TV personality in the United States, Victoria returns to Colombia to rebuild her life and win back her true love.


Certificate: TV-PG

Year: 2014

Duration: 1 Season

Available Seasons: Season 1 (102 Ep)

Audio: Spanish

Subtitles: English, Spanish

Episode Length: 48min


Cast: Jacqueline Arenal, Christian Tappán, Andrés Parra, Laura Perico, María Cecilia Botero, Alberto Saavedra