Waking Life

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Date Added: 1st December 2016

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Date Removed: 1st December 2017

Available for: 12 months



   Unknown Date: Added to Netflix

   06/01/2015: Removed from Netflix

   12/01/2016: Added to Netflix

   12/01/2017: Removed from Netflix



Richard Linklater's animated film follows a young man's philosophical discussions with a succession of eccentrics and passionate thinkers.


Certificate: R

Year: 2001

Duration: 1hr 40m

Audio: English

Subtitles: English


Director: Richard Linklater


Cast: Julie Delpy, Peter Atherton, Steve Brudniak, John Christensen, Charles Gunning, Wiley Wiggins, Ethan Hawke, Nicky Katt, Steven Soderbergh, Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan, Steve Fitch






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